June 2, 2020

Customer story with Dorit Højerslev Eriksen from Save the Children


Non-profit organisation

No. of volunteers

More than 2000 in 65 local branches


Missing overview and easy workflow


More than 120 countries

”It makes me calm when I have overview”

This is a case article based on the interview with Dorit Højerslev Eriksen who is a HR Administrator and GDPR Advisor at Save the Children. She describes herself as a structured person by nature, who appreciate the overview, which Wired Relations has helped her achieve in her daily GDPR work.

From heavy workflow in endless Excel and Word documents to everything connected in one
user-friendly system

Before Save the Children started working with Wired Relations, they handled all their GDPR work in several different Word and Excel sheets. The result was a time consuming and complicated process:

“We had one Excel sheet with all our IT systems where every system represented more than one process so the sheet ended up being very long and hard to read. Then we had a Word document with our consequence analysis containing a lot of questions we had defined ourselves. Then if we found a gab in those, in relation to the EU regulation, we would copy the answers into another Word document where we would write an action plan for the specific points in the answer. When the necessary organizational and technical precautions where made we could then create the final record of the compliance process. To say it short, we had a lot of different documents and it was a heavy lifting doing GDPR work.” Dorit Højerslev Eriksen

At first, Save the Children, were contacted by a competitor to Wired Relations and that sparked the idea of doing GDPR work easier through use of an online system. They didn’t choose the competing system because Save the Children found the system lacking user-friendliness, it was too expensive, and too complicated for their needs and challenges. The organization searched the market for another system “and then we found the Wired Relations system. It was very easy to use and here we didn’t have to dive into endless layers or scroll through a ton of pages to find what we needed.”, Dorit describes.

“Wired Relations’ system has an easy managed menu with few elements and all connections between the elements are well thought through. That is why it is so easy to navigate” - Dorit Højerslev Eriksen

Why Wired Relations?

After Save the Children started using the Wired Relations system, Dorit Højerslev Eriksen concludes that it meets all her expectations and describes it as:

  • Easy to get started with and intuitive to use i
  • Meeting all legal GDPR requirements that you need to know about and that makes me feel safe
  • We no longer need to have any manual processes in Excel or Word, and the whole automation means that everything is done quicker
  • We have more structure in our GDPR work and we have a great overview of our processing activities
  • It is a tool that you can also use to train new employees who needs to learn the workflow of the organization

”They answer me right away and I really like that”

If Dorit Højerslev Eriksen has to point at one thing that has surpassed her expectations it actually has nothing to do with the system, but is related to the way Wired Relations communicate with their customers:

“I think they are very accommodating and listen to what I say – for instance when we express ideas to new features. They internalize the comments and show and clear interest in how to use the feedback from customers to evolve their system to spark joy for both our organization and the rest of their customers. And then they always answer me right away and I really like that.”, Dorit says.

Maia Norstved Skøtt
June 2, 2020
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