June 2, 2020

Customer story with Johan Petersen from INSPARI



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More than 130 employees


Finding an easier and automated compliance solution


More than 800 customers in Denmark

”We have minimized the part of manual labor and the risk of human errors​​”

This customer case story is based on an interview with Johan Petersen who is working as a consultant at Inspari. His position in the consulting company is two-tired where he partly works as a GDPR and information security advisor for customers and partly takes care of the internal GDPR processes and policies at Inspari.

From unknown GDPR territory to a 25 % reduction

in time spend

When the European Data Protection Regulation became effective in May 25 2018 it entailed several new requirements. Companies all over the world were waking up to a new reality. As usual, when companies need to dive into unknown territory, they will have try their best. This was also the case with Inspari:

“Just like all other companies, we had to comply with the GDPR requirements, but the structure we built in the beginning ended up being messy and chaotic. We relied a lot on Word and Excel documents and too much manual work. Hence, it was very time consuming and we had a high risk of human errors.” – Johan Petersen

Inspari ultimately decided, they had to find a way to handle their GDPR work easier and better. “We started looking for a method of automating several of our processes and have a much more structured approach to our GDPR work. It was a big goal for us to minimize both time spent and risk of errors. I was asked to assess the Wired Relations system and I found it very intuitive to use and felt it had a structure that was well thought trough. I knew instantly that Wired Relations would be a great tool for us”, Johan Petersen explains.

The consulting company ended up choosing Wired Relations and decided on an accelerated implementation. “The process was time demanding, but it was only a temporary demand on us. After we had the structure set and automated several of the processes in Wired Relations all of our GDPR work was running smoothly”, he explains.

“More specifically, before we had three colleagues involved with GDPR compliance maintenance and now it’s just me keeping the overview. I think we have saved 20-25% of time and dramatically minimized the risk of human errors.” - Johan Petersen

Why Wired Relations?

Besides the time reduction and lesser risk of errors in the GDPR work, Johan Petersen has experienced several other positive effects. He describes that the system:

  • Gives a feeling of having the full overview.
  • Makes it easy to get to the core of an issue, document etc.
  • Is flexible to implement and adjust to your organisation.
  • Is user-friendly and helps the user every step of the way.

“I have a felling that we are in the middle of a rapid transformation and that we are part of the journey, where Wired Relations always works on making our daily work easier and smarter”, Johan Petersen describes.

“It is rare to find a place where you find competent advisement in both technical and legal issues”

Johan Petersen has had a great experience with the ongoing dialog, he has had with Wired Relations:

“They have an open mindset and love feedback. You can clearly sense they encourage ideas for further improvement. They can answer all my complicated questions. It is really rare to find a place where you find such competent advice with both technical and legal issues”, Johan Petersen describes.

Maia Norstved Skøtt
June 2, 2020
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