April 7, 2021

The benefits of a great ROPA - and how to make it

“I say to all my clients: “You need a ROPA.” Without that we cannot possibly know what we need to address. The ROPA is where you see the glaring gaps. It is an easy way to see where the issues are and which teams are not aware of what they are doing with their data,`` says Tash Whitaker, global data compliance director at Whitaker Solutions in this webinar on how to build and maintain a great ROPA.

In this webinar Tash Whitaker, together with Julian Hicks from Wired Relations, give you great insights into:

  1. What a well-crafted ROPA should look like (it should contain more than the GDPR says),
  2. How you go about making it (no questionnaires, make it human),
  3. What the benefits of a great ROPA are (most companies overlook the benefits and focus only on cost)
  4. Who, within the organization, normally resist the work (marketing, off course but also IT),
  5. And how you maintain the ROPA 
Jacob Høedt Larsen
April 7, 2021
Awareness & Training

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