Take the work out of your privacy workflow

Wired Relations is a privacy tool for GDPR and InfoSec Management. It helps you automate and collaborate on your privacy workflow to get trustworthy faster.

Tom is auditing a vendor by sending out a questionnaire.

Jane is delegating tasks on checking user access levels for system owners.

Helen schedules recurring tasks for ISO 27002 controls.

Make it flow

Compliance is a process, not a project. Great privacy springs from continously solving new issues and retaining the state of our exsisting data. Keeping flow in our work is key to protect our customers' privacy — and earn their trust.

When we saw Wired Relations “in action” it was clear to see that this would be the tool that would help us get the structure and the ownership that we lacked, and we were quite excited to say the least.
Oleg P.

Product Manager

We looked at different systems and some of them were too cluttered. Wired Relations is a simple system – not to sound negative. But it is easy for people to approach.
Louis H.

Legal Counsel

Wired relations covers our need for automation of our ISAE and GDPR compliance work with our existing set-up, and there are still a lot of features making it possible to further develop our compliance work which we are looking forward to exploit.
I think we have saved 20-25% of time and dramatically minimized the risk of human errors.
Johan P.


We have never had as good an overview of our suppliers, it-systems and processes as we have with Wired Relations. The automated GDPR reporting is brilliant.
Wired Relations has elevated our compliance in regards to GDPR legislation. The workflow in Wired Relations is very logical and we have integrated it to several other business areas.
Søren C.

InfoSec Manager

Great customer service! Probably the best I've experienced with any software purchase last 15 years.
We use Wired Relations for GDPR documentation and the system has matured our compliance quite a bit. Both in regards to getting a better overview and increasing the quality of our records of processing activities.
Jens C.

Group Finance Controller

Unlocking new ways of working...


Work smarter with built-in tools that connect your work, prevent errors and ensure consistency.

  • Get step-by-step assistance in documentation

  • Build a complete compliance calendar and always stay ahead

  • Monitor the privacy operation with real-time insights

  • Update information centrally to avoid mistakes

"When we saw Wired Relation in action, we figured, that this could be the place where we could get the structure and ownership we were missing. We got quite excited."
Oleg P.

Director of Product Management


No more tedious work. Free up your calendar and focus on making a difference every day.

  • Pull data from your solutions, like KITOS and ServiceNow

  • Auto-generate your RoPA, SoA document and other reports

  • Get notified when tasks, controls and audits are due

  • Links data together across every part of your privacy workflow

"After we had the structure set and automated several of the processes in Wired Relations all of our GDPR work was running smoothly — I think we have saved 20-25% of time and dramatically minimized the risk of human errors".


Privacy should be co-owned by everyone. Let IT, procurement, system-owners and more collaborate inside your privacy workflows.

  • Let anyone contribute with easy to use privacy software

  • Assign tasks to people inside and outside of compliance

  • Limit user access to necessary data for ease-of-use

  • Use read-only access for e.g. accounting or reporting purposes

"Our next step is to delegate areas of responsibility within the various departments. This is now feasible, thanks to our new system. The goal is to make work with personal data and GDPR a natural part of the daily work across departments"
Louise H.

Legal Counsel

Processing Activities
Risk Assessment
Governance Assessments
Incident Manager
Task Manager
User Management

Everything you
need now —
and later.

"I like how we started with a basic platform and then just adds functionality as needed. Now we use Wired Relations across multiple legal entities and as our need and ambition grow, we have the right setup to expand further."
Mathias S.

Lawyer at NREP

43% of people don't believe they can adequately protect their personal data today

Never has there been so much distrust between companies and customers. Fixing it requires us to uphold a higher standard and work smarter with the ever-growing stream of privacy issues.

This leaves data complex companies with two challenges:

  1. Spending less time on tedious privacy tasks and more time on the actual challenges.
  2. Getting everyone in the organisation to take ownership of our privacy responsibility.

That's why we built Wired Relations — to give companies (like yours) an easier route to building trust with their customers.

We work tirelessly on providing you with intelligent, automated, and collaborative tools to build a better privacy workflow and protect your customers privacy.

We’d love for you to give Wired Relations a try (it’s free!) and see the difference the right tool make


Anders, Gilli & Bobby
Co-founders of Wired Relations

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