Implement CIS 18 with high collaboration powers

Implementing CIS 18 in Wired Relations reduces your compliance workload in 7 different ways and leaves you with more time to lead the change.

Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

The problem

Implementing CIS 18 is a huge job. Changing internal behavior to reduce cyber-risks is even bigger

Cyber threats are ever increasing. CIS 18 is a useful framework for reducing the risk of an attack, but it requires a lot of effort from compliance professionals. This includes reviewing existing policies and creating new ones, maintaining security controls, tracking changes, and reporting on the 18 controls regularly.

Building your new cyber protection often requires organizational change. Such as implementing new technologies or finding new ways and habits to do things. The resistance to change from your co-workers is often the biggest threat in successful implementation of CIS 18.

7 ways Wired Relations reduces your workload with CIS 18 controls

Map all policies to exsisting data for easy access

A part of CIS 18 is mapping all policies and procedures. If you use our Data Compliance Pipeline, this is already done for you. Otherwise, you can easily start mapping systems and vendors in Wired Relations, which will automatically connect with relevant CIS 18 policies.

Use the same data and systems as IT

Working with Wired Relations and our integrations means you will have the same data as IT. That makes  it easier to agree on how to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks faster and better.

Load the pre-filled controls and prevent over and under implementation (coming)

Load all 3 implementation groups and 153 safeguards or just the level you want to start with. They are all pre-filled with data, imported correctly to the system and come with recurring tasks created. This saves you hours of typing and prevents over implementation and human errors.

Do controls with recurring tasks and evaluation

The state-of-the art Task Manager holds all your controls and notifies you when it’s time to take action on a control. You can easily see your workload month-to-month, do evaluations on each control, and see all history of completion and actions across users.

Share the responsibility of maintaining great cyber hygiene

Assign tasks to your coworkers to do manual spot checking of certain controls. It’s easy for them to report back and you can see where the effort is required from the overview.

Build a CIS 18 report to management with perfect overview

When everything is connected, it’s easy to build reports to management or external auditors of your CIS 18 controls and cyber hygiene. By working in a connected system, you’ll have a neat, accessable view of your controls at all time.

One control - multiple frameworks

Many work with several frameworks and some of the controls are repetitive. Wired Relations is connected. If you carry out a control in one framework, we make sure it is marked as done in others.

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Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

Explore how CIS 18 works in Wired Relations

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Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

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