Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Build legally-sound DPIAs in a fraction of the time

Make legally-sound DPIAs in 7 easy steps with a proven ICO framework in Wired Relations and effortlessly collaborate with those who can assess the impact.

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The problem

Create DPIAs without the stress of your 38-page doc and no one to help you

With an ever-changing landscape of systems, processing types and third-party vendor policies, getting a continuous overview of the risks is challenging.

Collaborating with relevant stakeholders and third-party data processors to obtain their input is a labor intensive and, at times, frustrating experience. They often don’t know how to contribute and struggle to see the value in the work.

So you end up going through all the red-tape on your own, weeding through lengthy documents and still not fully knowing the DPIA you created covers all the bases.

Focus on company wide DPIA collaboration with these 5 benefits

Have peace of mind with a
7-step process to DPIA

With a 7-step guided process you are sure to get around all the steps to do your DPIA and you can be certain that your work is legally sound. The framework is built in accordance with the DPIA checklist from the Information Commissioner's Office.

Know where you are at any given time

Easily delegate tasks in the task manager so that relevant stakeholders can contribute with continuous updates to the privacy work. You set up the big picture and let the system owners fill out all the gaps.

Leave the guesswork behind with step by step in-app guidance

What do I need to answer and who should provide this information? Our DPIA module provides a step-by-step guidance through your assessments so that you are certain that your work is thorough.

Do the DPIA where the risk
is greatest first

Risk overview is essential to DPIA work. With a class leading overview of systems, processing activities, and risks you will confidently know where to start your next DPIA.

Collaborate with those who can assess the impact

Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, management, and third-party vendors to obtain the necessary impact levels and consequences needed to fill out your DPIA.

Build your DPIAs today

Request access to the DPIA module in 60 seconds or book a short call with a product specialist.

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe