Security & Data

It is a top priority for Wired Relations to secure our customers’ data access, data loss prevention and data security.

Your data security is of utmost importance for us

At Wired Relations we work with full transparency towards our users and we only work with subprocessors inside the EU/EEA that can give your information adequate level of data protection. You can see a complete list of our subprocessors here.

“The security of our users’ data is an important part of every step of development in Wired Relations.”

Bobby Nielsen

CTO and Co-founder of Wired Relations

Hosting environment

We are using the AWS’ hosting environment from Amazon Web Services, Inc.

It has been essential for us at Wired Relations that AWS has been able to demonstrate the certification verified by third party EY CertifyPoint.

Amazon Web Services, Inc. has certification for compliance with:

And we use MongoDB for data storage, a recognized leader in the Cloud DBMS space.

Security measures (2FA & SSO)

Wired Relations have built-in two-factor authentication (2FA) available in the solution. We do also have integrations that both support 2FA and Single-Sign-On (SSO) that you can enable on your Wired Relations account.

You can e.g. use:

  • Entra ID SSO – Entra ID Directory or Microsoft 365 Business,
  • GSuite SSO or Google Login, or
  • Other other Identity Providers (using Saml2 SSO)

If you have interest in enabling any of the integrations, please contact us via

Wired Relations is built with modern standards and tools, and is easy to integrate in your organization and connect it with your current infrastructure.

Contact us, if you would like to know more about how we can make it happen.

Data handling & security

Wired Relations is accessed via an encrypted connection (TLS1.2+), and the encryption is implemented using the Let’s Encrypt certificate.

  • Data at rest is encrypted using 3rd party
  • Data in transit is encrypted

The encryption level is the same as that of several online banking systems. TLS encryption means that data transmitted between a registered user and Wired Relations’ systems are encrypted to prevent unauthorized parties from picking up the transmission or parts thereof.

You can always access your private data; we do not employ vendor lock-ins. Your data belongs to you, and they are accessible to you at any time, regularly or as back ups. It is also possible, by payment, to receive a security back up of your data on an ongoing basis. To learn more about this option, your data responsible need to contact us on

If you ask to get your data files deleted at Wired Relations all files will be presently deleted entirely immediately. The deletion of your data is therefore a deep deletion and not just an obfuscation of information.

You are always welcome to contact us via, if you have questions about our data handling and data security.

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