Being compliant

is not the end.

It’s the beginning.

Governance, Risk & Compliance is a process, not a project. Constantly keeping structure, overview and control is what turns fragile privacy and information security into sustainable GRC programmes.

Without Wired Relations

Today’s disconnected workflow

This is what most privacy and infosec set-ups look like. Spread over multiple systems, disconnected and messy. It slows us down, is prone to error and a source of frustration. We need a better way.

You want to brief management on the latest data breaches - and spend a day gathering the information.

Your ROPA is so hard to update, WordPerfect 5.1 is still on it as a key system.

When an HR process is described differently in two spreadsheets, you consider just flipping a coin to determine the right one.

You get an e-mail from a vendor and sigh because you have to update information in three different places (or was it four?)

“What type of data is in X system?” triggers a fight-freeze-flight response because you know how much work it requires to answer.

When the DPA updates a guide and you have to update your spreadsheets, you feel more like a Developer than a Privacy Pro.

With Wired Relations

Sustainable workflows

A sustainable GRC programme needs sustainable workflows. Everything needs to be connected to make work as effective and efficient as possible.

Modern GRC teams are well-organised

When you apply the right structure, you can manage your privacy and information security issues as a straightforward workflow. This frees up your calendar and brainpower to attack the real challenges.

Workflows like...

Everyday challenges become structured and easy to manage with Wired Relations.

Recording an incident

Compliance check of new IT system

Scheduling and documenting awareness training

Allocation of resources for compliance tasks

Documenting processing activities

Yearly management reporting on privacy and security

Risk assessment of systems and vendors

Completion of TIA on third country transfers

Completion of DPIA on processing activities

Introducing Wired Relations

A GRC solution for modern privacy and information security teams, that lets you work faster and more efficiently.

Tom is auditing a vendor by sending out a questionnaire.

Jane schedules recurring tasks for ISO 27002 controls.

Unlocking new ways of working...

Easy to use

Work smarter with built-in tools that connect your work, prevent errors and ensure consistency.

Get step-by-step assistance in documentation

Build a complete compliance calendar and always stay ahead

Monitor the GRC operation with real-time insights

Update information centrally to avoid mistakes

Get started on your own, no need for consultants

Build by Scandinavians, clean and simple interface


No more tedious work. Free up your calendar and focus on making a difference every day.

Pull data from your solutions, like KITOS or import data via Excel

Auto-generate your RoPA, SoA document and other reports

Get notified when tasks, controls and audits are due

Links data together across every part of your GRC workflow

Send questionnaires to vendors

Import frameworks like ISO 27002


Privacy and information security should be co-owned by everyone. Let IT, procurement, system-owners and more collaborate inside your GRC workflows.

Let anyone contribute with easy to use GRC solution

Assign tasks to people inside and outside of compliance

Limit user access to necessary data for ease-of-use

Use read-only access for accounting and reporting purposes

Delegate tasks to system and process owners

Get a comprehensive overview of tasks in process

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