Stories from our customers

We asked all our customers: “How would you feel if you could no longer use Wired Relations?"

Very disappointed (54%)

Somewhat disappointed (37,5%)

disappointed (8,5%)

Before switching to
Wired Relations.

Here’s how most companies privacy setup looks before Wired Relations. Spread over multiple systems, disconnected and messy.

"We worked in a huge excel sheet with Word documents mapping in and out and a big bunch of meetings for myself in the calendar about audits and controls. In a company with 16 legal entities in 12 countries".
Louise P.

GDPR Responsible

"We started out, like so many others, with excel sheets, but quickly ran into the realization that it is way to heavy to maintain."
"We started out delegating most of the GDPR work. We lost the overview and deeper understanding of what the new rules meant for our business, and that made it difficult to assess how we should take GDPR into account in our decision-making."
Oleg P.

Product Manager

"Before Wired, we didn’t have accountability in our privacy setup. And it was really hard to see connections between vendors and systems."
Deborah C.

Legal, Compliance & Business Affairs Lead

"To say it short, we had a lot of different documents and it was a heavy lifting doing GDPR work"
Dorit E.

HR & GDPR Advisor

"Before Wired Relations we didn’t have a central repository of documentation and alerts to maintain policies and procedures. With everything in Excel and other share files, we worked ad hoc with less control, less visibility, and less confidence."
Kevin S.

Chief Revenue Officer

“The structure we built ended up being messy and chaotic. We relied a lot on Word and Excel documents and too much manual work. Hence, it was very time-consuming and we had a high risk of human errors.”
Johan P.

Data Compliance

"We previously used Word and Excel for our GDPR documentation, and needed electronic support for updates and execution of tasks."

After switching to
Wired Relations?

91,5% of our customers says they would be "very disapointed" or "somewhat disapointed" if they no longer could use Wired Relations.

"We’ve moved away from Excel and everything is now accessable out at my coworkers. It’s no longer locked to me as a person"
Louise H.

GDPR ansvarlig

"We no longer need to have any manual processes in Excel or Word, and the whole automation means that everything is done quicker"
Dorit E.

HR & GDPR Advisor

"With Wired Relations, we have much more confidence in our privacy setup. Everything is documented and very accessible. That makes updating and refreshing way easier. This framework for compliance is key as we anchor everything on the system rather than people. So we never lose knowledge or traction when people leave us."
Kevin S.

Chief Revenue Officer

"Wired has helped us create alignment and leadership buy-in on our privacy program. We have spread the accountability out in our organization and created much more clarity in data protection."
Deborah C.

Legal, Compliance & Business Affairs Lead.

"We can turn much of our compliance into a self-driven system"
Sabrina E.

Compliance Manager

"After we had the structure set and automated several of the processes in Wired Relations all of our GDPR work was running smoothly — I think we have saved 20-25% of time and dramatically minimized the risk of human errors".
Johan P.

Data Compliance

"We have never had as good an overview of our suppliers, it-systems and processes as we have with Wired Relations. The automated GDPR reporting is brilliant. Wired Relations software and the great support has increased our understanding of how to handle GDPR and national privacy rules."
"Wired Relations has helped us get a complete overview and most importantly control of all our GDPR tasks. Now we can boast ourselves from having a great online platform with lot of features but still easy and simple to maintain. We can present the connections between different systems, which at the same time easily and simply update our systems, added new as needed."
“It makes the day-to-day operation of GDPR easier, and has enabled decentralization of the work across several departments”
Mikkel S.

Chief Revenue Officer

“I love how we started with a basic platform and then just adds functionality as needed. Now we use Wired Relations across multiple legal entities and as our need and ambition grow, we have the right setup to expand further.”
"Great customer service! Probably the best I've experienced with any software purchase last 15 years."
"Wired Relations has matured our compliance quite a bit. Both in regards to getting a better overview and increasing the quality of our records of processing activities."
Jens C

Group Finance Controller

“Basically, if you ever doubt, are we still on track with our GDPR compliance – Wired Relations will be a great system for you”
Oleg P.

Product Manager

"I have only encountered skilled, dedicated and very patience employees at Wired Relations. I’m really impressed with the platform and onboarding. Strategically it’s one of the most professional business concepts I’ve seen in many years."
Christian C.

Business Developer

"Wired Relations has elevated our compliance in regards to GDPR legislation. We also use Wired Relations for other non-GDPR related areas such as general vendor management and regulatory obligation. The workflow in Wired Relations is very logical and we have integrated it to several other business areas."
Søren C.

Information Security Manager

"Wired Relation's approach from system mapping, vendor, and customer mapping to defining processing activities and implementing control activities allowed us to build a rigorous compliance environment step by step without ever having the feeling of being overwhelmed."
Sabrina E.

Corporate Developer

"The software from Wired Relations makes it easy and straightforward to map and keep track of all the procedures and tasks in connection with GDPR and data protection overall. The support and guidance has been outstanding right from the start."
Jan E.

Sales and Support Coordinator

"Wired relations covers our need for automation of our ISAE and GDPR compliance work with our existing set-up, and there are still a lot of features making it possible to further develop our compliance work which we are looking forward to exploit."

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