Pricing starts from €0

The Starter plan includes all features of the Pro plan, except Automated Vendor Manager. It's limited to one admin, standard support, and a maximum of 150 elements.
Unlimited Admins & Users
Unlimited elements
Priority support
Talk to us
Everything from Pro +
Integration options
Customisations and more
Privacy & GDPR
€670 /mo
Data Mapping, Processing Activities & Automated RoPA
Risk Manager (GDPR)
Incident Manager (GDPR)
DSAR Log (Request log)
Assessments Manager (comes with a DPIA- and TIA template)
Price depends on number of assessments.
Information Security & ISMS
€670 /mo
Risk Manager (ISMS)
Security Incident Manager (ISMS)
Governance with custom controls (NIS2, ISAE, SOC2, HIPAA, etc.)
Governance with pre-loaded frameworks (ISO27002, ISO27701, etc.)
Task Evaluation (Red-Yellow-Green)
Assessment Manager
Automated Vendor Manager
From €400 /mo
Review and outreach to your data processers
Peer-collected vendor information
Continuously update of vendor information
Only pay for assigned vendors to be automated
System Manager
Vendor Manager
Vendor Assessment (with vendor questionnaire templates)
Task Manager
Labels Dimension
Documents Manager
Security Measures
User Management
Group Structure
Up to 3 companies
Admin & Security
OAuth with Google (SSO)
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
Azure AD authentication and user management
Price depends on number of users
Google Workspace SSO authentication and user management
Price depends on number of users
Change Log Access
Sandbox account
Onboarding, Data migration & Support
Data migration
Priority support
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Add-ons & Integrations
Customer DPA Manager
Talk to sales
Talk to sales
Price depends on setup
Price depends on actual API usage
From €670 /mo
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Question & answers

How does the free starter plan work and do i get access to the full product?

How does the free starter plan work?

We've made a free version where you can start doing your privacy work: You create an account, get access for as long as you wish to the features mentioned above and when you scale your privacy work you upgrade. Quite simply we believe that if you see how Wired Relations makes your work easier you will want to use it as much as possible.

Do I get access to the full product?

You get access to the pro version with the limits of the free product. That means only 1 admin, standard support and 150 elements. There are also some features that needs to be turned on before you can use them, like frameworks and more. Most is accessible from the product, otherwise you can use the chat to talk to us.

What is the difference between an admin and a user?


Admins own the account and can create users and control the rights and access of users. The admin has superuser access, plus access to company information, settings, integrations and user management.

Other users

We know that compliance work can require different contributions from the organisation or outside support. Therefore we have made 5 different levels of access to suit all the various compliance functions:

No access: No access to log in, can be selected as responsible person.

Read-only: Can access but cannot modify the system, nor be assigned responsibility.

Limited access: Access to log in, can be selected as responsible person, plus access (create and update) to systems, vendors, processing activities and tasks where the user is assigned as responsible person.

Standard: Access to log in, can be selected as responsible person, plus access (create and update) to systems, vendors, processing activities and reports.

Superuser: Access to log in, can be selected as responsible person, plus access (create, update and delete) to systems, vendors, processing activities, controls, data protection and reports.

How does the 150 elements limit work?

150 elements

Elements is a count of the things your add to the platform. Fx when mapping your "systems", one "system" is one element just like as a "user" counts as an element. Depending on the complexity of your organisation, you will be able to work with the Wired Relations quite a while before you reach the limit.

Can I pay monthly?

Billing cycle

We only offer yearly subscriptions. You can always change your plan to suite your needs.

"When we saw Wired Relations “in action” it was clear to see that this would be the tool that would help us get the structure and the ownership that we lacked, and we were quite excited to say the least."
Oleg P.

Director of Product Management

"After we had the structure set and automated several of the processes in Wired Relations all of our GDPR work was running smoothly — I think we have saved 20-25% of time and dramatically minimized the risk of human errors."
"Our next step is to delegate areas of responsibility within the various departments. This is now feasible, thanks to our new system. The goal is to make work with personal data and GDPR a natural part of the daily work across departments."
Louise H.

Legal Counsel

Trying Wired Relations is free.
Failing at data security is not.