Data Subject Request LOG

Manage your Data Subject Requests with precision

Handling data subject requests does not have to be a tangled web of stress. Here are 4 ways you can remove complexity from your request workflow.

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The problem

Post-it notes, Excel files, emails & calendar reminders are not DSR tools!

Your customer success manager just came by your desk to tell you that “someone” wants their data deleted. So you scramble to find a sticky note, write down the partial name that was given and put a reminder in your calendar to follow up.

Was this a customer, a partner, or a previous employee? Has the person identified themselves? When did they submit the request? In which systems are this person's data saved? Who’s responsible for these systems? Is the data entangled with another person’s data?

What about all the other requests that come through email, phone, social media, chat? How do you keep an overview and delegate tasks? And where do you find a magical tool that can help you process all these request with ease in 30 days or les?

4 benefits when organising Data Subject Request in Wired Relations

Collaborate to find or delete data across all your systems

Easily assign responsibilities to system operators to retrieve or delete data across all relevant systems. With the built-in task manager, you are in complete control, when collaborating with your team.

Get the perfect overview of all requests

Stop wondering whether you are working on the right request or forgetting something. The request log makes it easy to get a complete overview of all your requests, their status and what needs to be done.

Document both status and workflow

When authorities come knocking and ask how you handle requests, you need to be able to show how no person falls between the cracks. With the log you can not only provide the documentation, but also showcase a bulletproof workflow.

Use trends to influence strategy

Data Subject Requests can occur for many reasons and can be a sign of distrust. With the log you get a clear overview the trends that are appearing, and can begin to influence the trustworthiness and profitability of your business.

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

Explore how Request Log works in Wired Relations

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