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Structured approach to managing risk

Carry out risk management in a structured manner that fits your organisation. Collaborate with your colleagues for the best possible assessments and get guidance along the way.

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

The problem

Anchoring Risk Management strategically and practically

Risk management is at the heart of data protection and information security. However, most compliance professionals find it both strategically- and practically difficult. Finding the right risk concept and structure is a huge task. Making sure that your assessments are sound and have the input of relevant stakeholders is even more challenging.

No matter the path you choose, Wired Relations helps you manage the structure, collaborate with your colleagues and other stakeholders and provides you with an unmatched overview of your total risk for management reporting.

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5 Ways Wired Relations can help you organise your Risk Management

Wired Relations gives you structure, overview and control. No matter how you do risk assessments, Wired Relations is suitable for it. It helps you organise risk management, collaborate with your colleagues and get an overview of total risks for management to sign off.

Flexible approach to Risk Management

Your compliance system should not determine how granularly you work with risk. That is why Wired Relations is flexible enough to do risk assessments on a high level as well as allowing you to dig deeper into the individual threats facing your systems and / processes.

Collaborate with system owners

With a constantly changing IT environment, your risk assessments need to be reviewed and refined frequently. With Wired Relations you can assign tasks for system owners across the organisation to update system use. It saves you time coordinating.

Connected to your information assets

You can connect your risk assessments to any information asset you have, whether it be a system, processing activity or physical.

Overview of your risk situation

Having a clear overview of your risk situation lets you prioritise your mitigation activities. Wired Relations provides an interactive Risk Matrix that lets you understand your highest risk areas and an overview of all your risk assessments with custom columns to give you a detailed view of the work in progress.

A system that guides you

When doing your Risk Management, Wired Relations gives you tips and example texts to guide you during your risk assessments. You also have an expert support team at Wired Relations ready to help you with questions that may come up in the process.

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

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