Risk Assessment
– manage your risks in simple steps

Using our Risk Assessment tool, you can effectively manage your organisation’s risks in simple, straighforward steps: Auto-calculate risk scores and assess mitigation measures – and protect the organisation and the data subject.

Keep it simple

Assess the consequences for the organisation and the data subject for a transparent and accurate estimation of risk.

Assess the likelihood of the risk materialising, and get an automatic risk score.

Consider the calculated risk, and decide on the best course of action.

Increase visibility

View your calculated risk scores in a risk matrix and get a high-level overview of your risk levels.

Use filters to focus on particular types of risk and progress states.

Identify areas of high risk, and create a corresponding action plan.

Target your risk management

Review associated assets – such as systems, vendors and processing activities – to inform your decisions.

Use the description fields as documented evidence of your thought process.

Add mitigation controls, calculate the residual risk, and take a proven and targeted approach to your risk management.

Stay ahead

Use the Task Manager to organise your risk management activities.

Assign responsibility, set due dates, and distribute actions across departments.

Keep track of your progress and build an efficient risk management program.

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