How to make compliance a company-wide responsibility

Compliance must be a company-wide collaboration - with you as a privacy and security pro in the driver’s seat. You are an expert on data protection and information security. However, you need the input of others to do the job well.

Colleagues within your organisation have hands-on knowledge about the systems they use, the data that flows through them and the risks associated with them. Great compliance combines those two perspectives.

The 2018 GDPR playbook is dead

Those of us who were there in 2018 will remember that a lot of compliance was centralised. We needed to get things done fast and did not want to involve too many people.

With the complex data layer of today, you cannot do GDPR like it’s 2018.

Compliance is no longer a single player game. You need to go into multiplayer mode to keep up with demands — and you should take the front seat when you involve your organisation in keeping your data protected.

Involve your co-workers for better compliance

When we start making compliance a company-wide effort, we can also place a lot of the work in the hands of the people it actually belongs to.

Who do you think is better at answering what data your store, what integrations you use and what data is used for in certain systems?

Those who use the systems every day? — or the compliance pro who has never been inside the system before?

We need to start activating compliance as a company-wide job, with compliance pro’s managing it.

Moving away from a centralised authority towards company-wide collaboration.

Make good use of colleagues throughout the organisation

Marketing operation, HR operations, Sales Operations. They all have the insights you want and operate in the systems we need to assess. So invite them into the compliance workflow.

— Get more accurate data with their knowledge.

— Reduce the admin work you do by distributing it throughout the organisation.

Get all the tools you need for company-wide collaboration

With Wired Relations, you get a full suite of collaboration tools to make the transition to a hybrid compliance function. And an easier time managing the day-to-day operations.

— Unlimited users, so you could invite everyone into Wired Relations to build your compliance program with you.

— Limitations on data access for operators, so they’ll only see their own tasks and the systems and vendors they are responsible for.

— Slack integration for making compliance fit the day to day workflow better.

— Total control from the compliance pro’s with easy overview of task status on everything delegated to your co-workers.

— If a colleague leaves, you are reminded to re-assign all tasks to a new person, so nothing is forgotten.

Designed with non-compliance people in mind

We went to lengths to create the most usable compliance software possible. Anyone can use it even as a first-time non-compliance-pro-user. In fact, it’s so easy to use we score 4.5 out of 5 on usability from our customers.

Reduce admin work by 25% and do real data protection instead

In most customer cases we reduce up to 25% of the compliance pro’s time spent on admin work, when the organisation starts getting involved. And as demand keeps growing, it’s valuable time to have to implement new measures and build out your program.

And by using Wired Relations data core, you can release even more time to do real work. What would 40% less time on admin work mean for your company's ability to protect data?

How do we create a hybrid compliance culture?

There is no doubt that this is a major step for many companies and it requires insertion of a certain culture to make it work. But it is also one of the most important stepping stones to building a sustainable compliance program, so we’ll not leave you hanging.

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A lot of our content and community is about this topic in particular, so join in and start forming a hybrid compliance culture.

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