Systems & Vendors

Get an automated overview of relevant information connected to your Systems and Vendors, and lay the foundations for a streamlined and efficient privacy management programme.


Apply structure to your privacy work by mapping your Systems and Vendors.

Get an overview of all your personal data, DPAs and outstanding tasks.

Attach tasks and easily collect information from other departments and partners.

Automatic integration

Integrate with your existing solutions so your data is automatically imported.

Easily identify any gaps or potential areas of improvement.

Delegate responsibility across the organisation and stay on top of the process.


Auto-import new Systems and Vendors, so you always have a collected overview.

Stay updated automatically in regards to changes and the tasks that follow.

Identify the areas in your privacy work, which the changes may affect.


Connect to your record of processing activities, risk assessments, security incidents, etc.

Update information centrally to avoid mistakes and ensure efficient workflows.

Lay the foundations for a simple and streamlined privacy management programme.

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