Become NIS2 ready:
Reuse, connect, and map

Don’t get workload anxiety yet. Reuse your existing infrastructure and gain oversight on the road to NIS2.

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The problem

How do you prepare for a regulation that almost has no guidelines yet?

What are the emerging cyber threats that need to be addressed when implementing NIS2? How do you best keep up with the changing threats and secure your organisation?

You need to be accountable, document, and ensure a risk-based approach to be compliant. However, getting the experts' input to understand the associated risks is a project management nightmare.

You will most likely encounter a lack of awareness and understanding in your organisation about NIS2. You may also quickly realise that you don't have sufficient resources and expertise to implement the comprehensive directive.

5 benefits when complying
with NIS2 in Wired Relations

Load all NIS2 controls with a single click (coming)

When the final NIS2 controls are ready, you can load all of them with a single click. No typing, sorting, structuring necessary. All controls prepared, assigned and mapped out for you to hit the ground running with your NIS2 work.

Build on existing infrastructure

NIS2 is new; your efforts on information and cyber security are not. Mapping systems, vendors, processing activities, and risk assessments will benefit you when it's time. Connecting NIS2 with your existing data is a breeze with Wired Relations. Start your prep work now and you are halfway there to NIS2 already.

Share the responsibility of maintaining great cyber hygiene

Task Manager is the heart of your data compliance program. All team tasks are gathered in one view with an easy access to check statuses, filter views, see owners, confirm deadlines and label things. You are in absolute control of what is on this week's agenda.

Assess the organisational risks with ease

Risk is at the heart of NIS2 and at the heart of Wired Relations. It is easy for you to assess risks, get an overview of the total organisational risks and work with measures to mitigate risk.

Do one control and check it off in every framework

When you finish a control task, you can cross it off, not just in your NIS2 framework, but in all frameworks that include the same control. The governance model works across all frameworks to reduce your workload.

Explore how NIS2 works in Wired Relations

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

Explore how NIS2 works in Wired Relations

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

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