Get ready for NIS2 - streamline your documentation efforts

With Wired Relations, you can identify and assess the risks of your critical systems and vendors. We've incorporated the statutory NIS2 measures, aligning them directly with your existing information security framework. This allows you to leverage your current documentation and approach, gaining a continuous overview of your path to NIS2 compliance.

Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations


What is NIS2, and are you in scope?

The purpose of the NIS2 directive is to elevate the security of critical infrastructure in the EU in line with the level of digitisation across member states.

Companies may find themselves indirectly obligated to comply with NIS2 if they are part of the supply chain, such as suppliers to companies covered by NIS2. Entities directly or indirectly covered by the directive must meet these requirements by 18 October 2024.

5 benefits when complying
with NIS2 in Wired Relations

Utilise existing documentation and systems

NIS2 places demands on organisations' cybersecurity, aligning with our existing support for effective information security in Wired Relations. We've mapped NIS2 measures from Article 21 of the directive with ISO 27002:2022 controls. This provides a comprehensive view of both sets of controls in the Statement of Applicability (SoA), helping you understand the requirements for NIS2 compliance.

Overview and progress towards NIS2 compliance

Wired Relations offers an overview of your progress in implementing individual measures, ensuring a systematic approach to reporting status. By reusing documentation and controls from your existing information security work, your NIS2 compliance progress begins with a clear understanding of where additional efforts are needed.

Shared responsibility for robust IT security and oversight

Engage your organisation in the work through the Task Manager, providing visibility into the team's tasks, status, deadlines, etc. Labels and filters allow you to maintain a clear overview.

Simplified risk assessment

Risk assessments are central to both NIS2 and Wired Relations. Easily assess risks from the perspectives of individuals, the organisation, and society. This provides an overall risk picture and facilitates the development of measures to mitigate risks.

One control, multiple frameworks

Structured documentation of all information security work in your organisation is provided. Additionally, you can filter to view controls and documentation related to compliance with specific frameworks. This ensures structured documentation without the need for double controls in parallel tracks.

Completing a control task associated with your ISO framework is also marked as "done" in relation to other relevant and connected standards, enhancing the efficiency of your information security management and documentation.

Explore how NIS2 works in Wired Relations

Book a demo meeting with one of our product specialists. Wired Relations is here to support your journey to NIS2 compliance without the burden of double documentation work. NIS2 is new, and not everyone knows if it is in scope for them or not. Wired Relations can help you uncover your current compliance level through a Gap analysis.

Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

Explore how NIS2 works in Wired Relations

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Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

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