Helping companies
become more trustworthy

People don’t trust companies to protect their privacy. We wanna change that. By building easy-to-use software to manage privacy and creating a place for privacy pros to grow — while championing a people-first mindset and remote-work culture.

Privacy is a human right

Most companies don’t want to violate your privacy. But, the rules are complex, the systems even worse and the area doesn't have the necessary focus.

Wired Relations is built to change that. Allowing any company who takes trust-building seriously to start building trust. By working intelligent, automated and collaborate deeply on privacy and security.

We also built a framework to let companies adopt privacy easier, supported by a strong community where privacy pros can learn, share and grow.

Built to be different

Anders, Gilli and Bobby co-founded Wired Relations in 2018. They knew the challenges of working with privacy and security from different organisations, and decided to tackle the problem from a new angle.

Working on a software solution for a year, in 2019 the platform went public and the first customers started to manage their privacy with Wired Relations.

Happy customers

Here's something we're proud of: Our customers rate us a 4.7 out of 5 on Capterra, which is among the highest ratings in the privacy software space.

We're also glowing with pride when we tell you that more than 80 public organisations such as municipalities, public service and governments use Wired Relations to protect their citizen's privacy.

30+ and growing

We're a team of 30+ people that is growing Wired Relations further in Denmark and the rest of Europe.

We have a people-first culture, and while we work distributed in different countries, we've got a social culture and bring everyone together twice a year.