We help turn fragile privacy and infosec into sustainable GRC programmes that add value through structure, overview and control

Who we are

Wired Relations is a GRC solution - tailored for privacy and information security.

We were founded in 2017 in Copenhagen, Denmark. At the time, we realised - from our own experience - that compliance professionals need to turn fragile privacy and information security into sustainable GRC programmes through structure, overview and control of their processes.

Our development

Since the establishment, we’ve built a SaaS platform to be easy to use, collaborative and support the all important workflows of a privacy and infosec function.

In 2019, we welcomed our first clients to the solution, and the customer base is still growing with private companies and public organisations which handle significant volumes of personal data and take privacy and security seriously.

New privacy and security laws and frameworks constantly surface. Luckily, Wired Relations makes it easy to accommodate new regulations as they enter into force.

From magic to mastery: unveiling the journey of Wired Relations in transforming privacy and infosec into sustainable GRC programmes

“In 2018 we saw something strange. GDPR was coming into force and businesses were buying systems to handle it. But - something was off. 

At the one end people bought systems that promised to make data protection magically go away. At the other end, were systems so complex that you’d need consultants, often for many months, just to set it up.

Therefore, we decided to make a system that was easy to set-up and use and would at the same time give the organisation full control and overview of their own GRC programme. We build a system based on having an overview of all your systems, vendors and processes. On top of that we build automation to support the important workflows of a GRC programme: Vendor management, audits and incident reporting - to name a few. All of it, out of the box.

Little did we know that that would prove a difficult path to take. Honestly, we’ve been so frustrated. People would buy the magic privacy systems even though we told them that it would break when privacy was put into operation. Or they would buy the big, bulky consultant-set-up systems, even though we told them that they would spend all of their resources on the systems instead of the all important GRC, privacy and infosec.

Many just didn’t listen.

But, Privacy and information security didn’t go away. Actually, it is more important than ever. Moreover, privacy and infosec teams are trying to make ends meet with very limited resources. They need to focus on making great privacy and infosec decisions, not systems. 

We get a lot of businesses who realise that they need to be much more involved in their privacy and information security. They’re leaving the magical systems. And we get a lot of customers who realise that they need to focus on GRC, not setting up systems.

That is what we build Wired Relations to do. To turn fragile privacy and information security into sustainable GRC programmes.”

Gilli Haraldsen, Bobby Nielsen, Anders Linemann, founders of Wired Relations.

Board of directors

Erik Stannow
Investor and Boards
Kenneth Nielsen
CEO at Contour Design
Claus Jørgen Klein-Ipsen
Søren Krarup
CEO at REIT Management

Why are you called Wired Relations?

Well, sometimes people call us “Wired” for short. We don’t like that, because Relations really is the operative word in our name. It is..:

The way we work with our customers

How privacy and infosec should be done

How we developed the software

The foundation of so many things in our company

How we see the community of privacy and infosec

Obviously, we need to connect those relations, wire the relations. That is our vision for our solution and why we are named Wired Relations.

Join us in leading the world to sustainable GRC programmes