Onboarding & support

Dedicated onboarding and ongoing support

We understand the significance of a seamless onboarding process and unwavering support for our customers' product success. Wired Relations is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, so you could probably onboard yourself. However, we are here with you all the way, offering a streamlined and smooth onboarding process, as well as support afterwards.

Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

Tailored delegation, dedicated attention

We believe in personal touchpoints. That's why we assign a dedicated specialist to your onboarding. It starts with an initial meeting for expectation alignment. We delve into where you stand today, where you aim to be, and what goals you're striving for. This session is pivotal in planning meetings and understanding your situation.

Onboarding excellence

Our dedicated onboarding specialist will ensure that you receive personalised product training. We empower administrators to become super-users, granting them primary responsibility for the system's smooth operation. We prioritise simplicity, offering integration guides to kickstart your journey. Our ready-to-use templates for policies and procedures offer a great deal of inspiration; they bring immense value to our customers when they are in the process of developing their own.

Onboarding blueprint

A structured onboarding plan ensures a seamless transition. Drawing from extensive experience with our diverse clients’ base, we guide you through best practices to kickstart your Wired Relations experience with confidence. A full onboarding process takes approx. four weeks.

Migration made effortless

Migration is a distinct and tailored process. For those seeking to integrate existing documentation and data into the system, we offer a paid service. Allow us to seamlessly input your data, ensuring a smooth transition into the future.

Our Support is always within reach

Our commitment doesn't end after onboarding. We're here for you, ensuring you feel supported and guided throughout the journey. Gain unlimited access via phone, chat, and email. Additionally, our comprehensive help center offers a wealth of resources, including articles and videos.

Seamless transition, effortless maintenance

Our customers have shared their experience of feeling securely guided through the process, making it easy to get started and maintain momentum.

"The software from Wired Relations makes it easy and straightforward to map and keep track of all the procedures and tasks in connection with GDPR and data protection overall. The support and guidance has been outstanding right from the start."
Jan E.

Sales and Support Coordinator

"I have only encountered skilled, dedicated and very patient employees at Wired Relations. I’m really impressed with the platform and onboarding. Strategically it’s one of the most professional business concepts I’ve seen in many years."
Christian C.

Business Developer

"We needed to take steps beyond what the spreadsheets could provide us and automate tasks to spend our time on content – not shuffling papers or looking for the right column in another file. Wired Relations as a company has a culture and approach that resonates with us, and the product helps us structure and ensure we treat our members personal data in accordance with both the law – and the trust they’ve given us."

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