Do Vendor Audits in half the time

Say goodbye to the manual labor of doing vendor audits. Reclaim your time and priorities with 6 efficient ways in Wired Relations.

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The problem

When Vendor Audits become a waiting game and steal all your energy

Vendor audits are an administrative hassle. Some vendors just need to confirm that they process data according to the DPA, while others will have to answer intricate questions. Yet others will send you certifications or other material for you to sift through.

It’s a constant game of managing vendor information, crafting emails, waiting for responses, following-up, getting bad answers and have no bandwidth to do anything else for a month.

You need a better workflow.

6 ways to speed up your Vendor Audit workflow with Wired Relations

Get an easy overview of audit methods

Choose how you want to audit the vendor and describe why, making it easy for everyone to work on the audit workflow. You can edit and add new audit methods to match exactly how you work.

Send pre-filled audit questionnaire to confirm data

Forget about emails, folders and spreadsheets. You can send an audit questionnaire directly from the system to get all the answers you need. The vendor gets a questionnaire on email with all current data and can confirm or make changes to their info. The data then goes directly back to Wired Relations for your audit.

Get notified when the vendor has completed the questionnaire

When the vendor have answered, you get a notification to evaluate their answers. All former questionnaires are also saved and easily accessible to compare with earlier answers.

Evaluate the audit for better management

When you finish auditing the answers, you can evaluate the task and mark if it needs more work. Creating a task progression and a simple overview of where you need to go back and do more.

Get a clear workload overview on vendor audits

Doing your vendor audit as a recurring task in Task Manager lets you get notified every time you need do an audit and gives you an overview of your workload across the year.

Import all your vendors with a few clicks

If you have a vendor list outside of Wired Relations, you can upload the list to the system and start your vendor audit workflow within minutes.

Make your Vendor Audits in half the time

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe