ISO 27001, 27002 & 27701

Manage your ISO 27000 series with confidence

No matter if you are getting certified or just following the standards, you want to do it with confidence. Here are 7 ways to achieve just that.

Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

The problem

How do you comply with ISO 27000 without losing time, money and your sanity?

Whether your goal is to follow the standards or to get certified complying with ISO 27000 series can be a huge undertaking.

Where do you start? How do you report? Which structure do you follow? How do you organise all your existing compliance measures and report on them effectively?

By the time you tackle these problems yet another fear unlocks: doing it all over again year after year. Staying certified and compliant with ISO 27000 series is an ongoing process.

The recurring tasks and regularly auditing the impact of controls require a systematic approach. You need a better way.

7 ways Wired Relations help you implement ISO 27000 confidently

Load all ISO controls with one click - and build your own custom ones

Each ISO control comes preloaded with chapters and sub-steps providing you an easy-to-follow structure. Include other frameworks that are relevant to your organisation with flexible custom controls.

Leave the guesswork behind with step-by-step guidance on ISO

Work smart, not hard, by getting step-by-step in-app guidance together with an implementation guide that includes template texts and examples.

Prevent over & under implementation with in-app Risk Assessment

Achieve razor-sharp ISO implementation by doing in-app risk assessments to pinpoint which controls are more relevant to your organisation.

Save time with a built-in Statement of Applicability

The built-in Statement of Applicability works as a checklist allowing you to include only the relevant controls in your reporting with the click of a button. Focus only on what matters the most while documenting why you deprioritised the rest.

No starting from scratch with recurring tasks and evaluations

Log all activities related to each ISO control in the state-of-the-art Task Manager and get notified when it’s time to take action on recurring tasks. You can also do evaluations on each control and test if they are working as intended.

Share the responsibility of maintaining ISO standards

Increase collaboration by assigning tasks at each control level to the relevant stakeholders in Task Manager. You can access all tasks, statuses, assignee information, deadlines and comments in one place without losing sight of the full picture.

Do one control, check it off in every framework

When you finish a control task, you can cross it off, not just in your ISO framework, but in all frameworks that include the same control. The governance model works across all frameworks to reduce your workload.

Get one step closer to ISO certification

Put theory into practice by logging all your systems, vendors and processing activities in Wired Relations along with your ISO documentation. All you need in one platform to get the ISO stamp of approval hassle-free and confidently.

Explore how ISO 27000 works in Wired Relations

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Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

Explore how ISO 27000 works in Wired Relations

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Companies all over Europe already build sustainable GRC programmes with Wired Relations

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