Transfer Impact Assessment (TIA)

Make TIAs suck a bit less.

No need to get stuck in the painstakingly tedious loop of doing TIAs. Wired Relations takes the hassle out of your TIA process in 5 time-saving ways.

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The problem

Schrems II - now what? Where should I start and how do I get an overview?

Getting the information you need from third-country vendors and governments is time-consuming. And yes, you will need to make a surprisingly large amount of TIAs to comply with GDPR.

With the widespread adoption of cloud providers to store and back up data, overseas consulting to bring down labor costs, and data processing solutions to gain valuable business insights you are likely already behind on your TIAs.

Knowing that it’s an enormous task that you need to keep on doing you need a structured way of approaching your assessment work.

Do this instead

5 ways Wired Relations reduces
your workload with TIAs.

Get an overview of all your data transfers.

Get an overview of all your data transfers in place in order to identify the TIAs that are most critical. Doing a TIA is time-consuming, save time by doing the right one first.

Get reminded when it's time to evaluate TIAs.

Set recurring tasks to be reminded of when it's time to evaluate your TIAs, whether it be once or twice a year. You can also collaborate with your coworkers on evaluation tasks and share the responsibility of keeping your TIAs up-to-date.

Let the right person asses the transfer impacts.

You may not be the right person to assess the impact of a transfer or gather the necessary third-country information. Assign tasks to those who are best suited to get them done while keeping an overview of the progress, deadlines, and comments so you don’t miss anything.

Leave the guesswork behind with step-by-step guidance.

What do I need to answer and who should provide this information? Our TIA module provides step-by-step guidance through your assessments so that you are certain that your work is sufficient.

Import all your vendors with a few clicks.

If you have a vendor list outside of Wired Relations, you can upload the list to the system and start your vendor audit workflow within minutes.

Try the TIA module today.

Request access to the TIA assessment module in 60 seconds or book a short call with a product specialist.

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe