We use external service providers for certain technical data processing and/or service offerings. These service providers are carefully selected and meet high data protection and security standards.

Wired Relations uses the following subprocessors:


Data location

Legal justification for transfer outside of EU/EEA



Amazon AWS

Paris, FranceFrankfurt, Germany

Secure Hosting Infrastructure for servers and databases

4. June 2021

Amazon AWS

Dublin, Ireland

Transactional Email Services

18. december 2019


Frankfurt, Germany

Database service

4. June 2021

Amazon AWS has certification for compliance with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, 27017:2015, and 27018:2014. These certifications are performed by independent third-party auditors.

ISAE 3000-II assurance report

An ISAE 3000-II assurance report is an audit report that provides third-party assurance to stakeholders about a company's internal controls and processes.

It is issued by an independent auditor and covers data protection, and compliance with regulations. In the context of this document, it serves as a certification of Wired Relations responsible approach to protecting personal data and is obtained yearly.

Access Wired Relations ISAE 3000-II assurance report here.