Strong ISMS, operationalised

Every tool information security teams needs for operational excellence. Build on a standardised structure, get an eagle-eyed overview and reclaim full control.

Jane creates a custom control and assigns it to Emily as a recurring task.

Seize control of your controls

With Wired Relations, you get a rock-solid approach to manage all controls of your ISMS, ISO, NIS2 and other frameworks. Get a clear view of how far you are, what you are missing and who is responsible.

Load pre-build frameworks like ISO

Load all controls from popular frameworks in no time. Frameworks like ISO 27000-series, NIS 2, NCIS, ISAE3000 and more.

Customise control sets or build your own

Not all standard framework controls fit your needs, so you can of course customise them as you want, remove them completely or build a new set.

In-app guidance for each control

The pre-built controls come with legal help text, examples of information and more to help you fill it out and prevent under or over-implementation.

Rule your day-to-day security operations

Get a set of power tools built for data protection operations. Work smoother than ever, waste less time on admin work and always know your next task.

Control Execution

See how you should execute specific controls, directly linked with tasks and owners.

Task Overview

Get both KanBan and list overviews for your tasks to work in the right view.

Recurring Controls

Build a yearly task cycle with recurring tasks of controls, assessments, audits and more.

Task types

Label tasks, filter by type and customise labels for your own needs.

Task Evaluation

Finish tasks and evaluate them with smilies and follow-up notes, so you know where your gaps are.

Policy Adoption

See all your policies from one view and easily see what policies that needs better adoption.

Divide the work and involve your co-workers

Share the responsibility of information security with your organisation. With the task manager and unlimited users, you can assign tasks and controls to other departments or individuals.

Assign both person responsible and owner on tasks and controls.

See the progress your co-workers make as an admin.

Get notifications on tasks you own when there is progress.

Assign both people inside and outside of compliance with unlimited users.

Limit user access to necessary data.

Get your colleagues feedback on each task.

Ensure that policies are read and confirmed

Make sure your policies not only reach everyone, by department or individual, but that they have been read and confirmed. Easily remind those who have not read the policy or confirmed it’s contents and get clarity faster.

Get a full list of all policies with status on a dashboard.

Register and manage the relevant audience for each policy.

See not opened, opened and confirmed status for all recipients.

Easily send reminders for each stage of the receipt status.

Add an important layer of compliance to your information security.

Have your documentation ready, when auditors come along.

Choose the right controls based on risk

Do thorough risk assessments to find the threats and weaknesses in your programme and choose the right controls to strengthen security.

Take a threat-based approach to risk management.

Colored risk matrix for each overview.

Connect to security measures.

Use standardized threat map for easy reporting.

See both calculated and residual risk.

See all connected tasks to each risk assessment.

Get buy-in from management with overview and reporting

Everything starts by understanding the risk landscape and how effective your control measures are to mitigate risk. Being strategically involved, means good reporting. But a good report gives you overview and status you need to know where to prioritise.

Export SoA
Download as Excel file
Download SoA

See everything with a clear view of controls and their impact.

Generate a SoA within seconds from the system

Get the full overview, even if you don’t own all the controls yourself.

Power features

Segmented Governance Doc

Make a printable governance document and tailor it to the segment to whom you are presenting.

Automated SoA

Generate a SoA document for reporting at any given time. Just click generate and you have a status.

1-click load of frameworks

Load frameworks like ISO 27002, NIS 2, NIST, CIS 18 and more, with prefilled controls.

Task Re-distribution

When a co-worker leaves, you can redistribute all tasks to new owners before deleting the user.

Policy Adoption Overview

Get a clear cut view of how many have adopted policies and easily resend to those who need reminding.

Workload Dashboard

See your task workload across months to plan your work better across people and departments.

Recurring Controls

Make controls recurring from weekly to 3-year intervals to ensure you never forget anything.

Task Evaluation

Evalute completed tasks with smilies and follow-up notes to see what finished tasks, you need to return to.

Framework Link

Link controls across frameworks. Done in one framework, means easy check-off in the next.

ISO implementation guide

Load all ISO 27002 controls with advice on implementation built into each control.

Workflow connection

See all your tasks on each control to review progress or setup new recurring tasks directly in the control.

Custom Controls

Implement any framework or control set into Wired Relations and make it fit your business and operation.

Join 1000’s of teams in operational excellence

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