Post-Brexit: Can you transfer data between the EU and the UK?

Jacob Høedt Larsen
June 29, 2021

Before Brexit, personal data was able to be transferred freely between the EU and the UK. Today, post-Brexit, subsidiary companies need to be careful and compliant when moving personal data like employee information cross-borders.

This webinar was organised by Goodwille together with Wired Relations to understand what changes Brexit has brought for data protection regulations between countries. In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the free flow of information and data that is important to modern business. Watch below.

You should watch if:

- You need to send personal information in connection with the delivery of for example, HR or Marketing services between subsidiary and parent company

- Your business is based in the EU and you work with the UK – or if your business is based in the UK and you work with the EU

The webinar is aimed for:

- Business owners

- HR Managers

- Finance Managers

- Payroll Managers

- Compliance Specialists

Senior Compliance Manager Lene Gram Skjoldager, from Wired Relations, will provide you with a practical road map of what to do. She will advise on what is possible and what you should be aware of going through the rules and regulations post-Brexit. Goodwille's Governance Consultant Evy Rune will be moderating the event.

Lene Gram Skjoldager is a Danish jurist specialising in GDPR. She has been a Data Protection Officer and Security and Compliance Officer within large companies as well as the Danish Defence Ministry. She has extensive experience in implementing and handling GDPR.

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