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Make sure policies are read & confirmed (coming soon)

Policies need to be activated to have an impact. The Policy Manager ensures that the right people receive the relevant policies and you gain the full overview of who has read and confirmed the contents of your policies.

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe

The problem

Has anyone read the policy?

You’ve spent hours and hours doing workshops with management, scoping and crafting policies. Maybe your best work yet.

Policies were made to change organisational behaviour for the better: Ensure workplace safety, secure essential company data, create a safe culture for employees to share thoughts and knowledge without being harassed, and become a company entrusted to secure customer data.

But your policies become never-to-be-read dead links in Sharepoint.

6 things that ensure that you are managing your policies efficiently

Send intuitive “Read and Confirm” policies

Stop wondering who has received, read and confirmed the contents of your policies.
Employees receive policies digitally and can read and confirm them with one click.

Send reminders to the right people

Stop sending out reminders to everyone to read and understand your policies. When you are communicating to everyone no one listens.

Only send reminder to those who haven’t read or confirmed the policy.

Organise all policies and define the target audience

You have multiple policies that need to be distributed to different parts of the organisation.
Management needs one set of policies, IT needs another and line employees a third.

Send the right policies to the right group.

Document organisational compliance for auditing

Show it, don’t tell it! Make your organisational compliance transparent by showing exactly how many have read and confirmed your policies.

When auditors come along, have your documentation ready.

Get a perfect policy performance overview

With a perfect performance overview of who has read and confirmed the contents of the policy you can learn and tweak your approach moving forward.

This way more people benefit from your work!

Improve security by ensuring everyone knows the guidelines

Policies are made for a reason: To increase security, privacy compliance, employee well being. In other words, to make a better and more resilient organisation.

It starts with a common understanding, the policies.

Curious about the Policy Manager?

Something kick-ass is brewing. Be among the first to learn more about what the policy manager can do. If you want to know more, get on the list!

Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe