security incidents

Make incident logging feel valuable instead of a chore

Organize and understand your security incidents in a way that gives you a clear picture of what steps to take next for improved information security.

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The problem

Turning your incident log from a “have-to-do” to a valuable ISMS tool

Only a fraction of all security incidents are ever reported. So, it's really important to get the most out of the ones you actually get logged.

But your Excel sheet is a mess and lacks structure. Everyone puts in data in their own way. The list of systems that's impacted is spotty. Because of all this, it's really hard to see trends or make reports.

As a result the lack of overview makes it almost impossible to create valuable awareness training, implement effective security measures and ultimately improve your informations security work".

5 benefits when registering security incidents in Wired Relations

Document security incidents the right way every time

Easy to follow 6-step process gives you the framework for consistent and thorough documentation. No more over or under-managing incidents.

Let incident trends guide awareness training and new security measures

Being able to understand security incident trends means you can focus on what matters the most. With an incident overview begin to understand which systems and departments are at risk, and what types of incidents are most likely to occur.

Get a clear map of vulnerable systems

Everything is connected in Wired Relations. That way you can get a clear understanding of the most vulnerable systems, improve your risk assessments and implement relevant security measures.

Generate incident reports with a click of a button

Informing authorities and upper management has never been easier. Download incident reports in PDF with one click.

Make sure new security measures don’t fall between chairs

Improve how you respond to and manage incidents by including relevant departments and system owners in Wired Relations. End up with more time on your hands for prevention and raising awareness - rather than putting out fires all the time.

Start logging security incidents today

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe