OneTrust vs Wired Relations

Jacob Høedt Larsen
July 4, 2023

It is no secret that OneTrust is the best option for some, but for others Wired Relations is the perfect match. If you are considering which compliance software to choose, then this may help you.

Is it fair for Wired Relations to do a comparison? We’ll let you be the judge of that!

No, it’s not weird that Wired Relations is making a comparison between One Trust and Wired Relations. Why, because we do believe that Wired Relations is for some and not for others, so for everyone's sake we might as well let you know if Wired Relations is relevant for you.

Choose OneTrust if

Let’s just start by saying that OneTrust can do pretty much anything and can be customised to work in the most complex of multinational organisations! So if you need that, then just stop reading now, Wired Relations is not right for you.

  • You are a multi-national company that deals with many local regulations outside the EU.
  • Your privacy- and infoSec specialists are experts in setting up and handling OneTrust settings and modules.
  • You have a dedicated team of 10 or more information security and privacy professionals working exclusively with privacy and information security.
  • You need customised local language modules to service local privacy and information security teams.
  • You need many custom-built modules to cater to your complex multi national activities.
  • You need a tool that can do everything from infoSec, Privacy, CSR, cookiebanners, data subject access request, data discovery to data guidance etc.

Choose Wired Relations if

Wired Relations is for privacy- and information security professionals who understand the need to collaborate efficiently with various people in the organisation, who are not necessarily privacy professionals, but need to contribute to the work of keeping the organisation secure and safe.

  • You need to seamlessly collaborate with people in the organisation who are not privacy experts but need to give input on systems, users, data breaches.
  • You need a connected system that lets you keep all your information- and privacy security work updated across ISO standards and laws.
  • You need an overview of your privacy and information security situation.
  • You need an efficient workflow for handling your work throughout the year.
  • You need to work together with management to align on privacy and information security priorities.
  • You need to get up and running in less than three months.
  • The value you create is visible for coworkers and management.
  • You want to be a member of an active community of information- and privacy professionals who use Wired Relations.

The right choice

As you can see, OneTrust is definitely the right choice for some, hands down. But for others, who need a system that is collaborative, easy to use and gives a good overview for pros as well as non-pros and management, then you should consider Wired Relations for your GRC programme.

Learn more about Wired Relations here.