How to be ready for any future regulation

Some software is built to manage a specific regulation, like GDPR. So when you get hit by new standards or legislation, it’s an uphill battle, because the system isn't built for it.

Wired Relations is different. It connects your data first and then places it into regulations and standards. That’s why you are ready to fit any future regulation into your existing program.

How to avoid the panic of new regulations and frameworks

Since we got GDPR in 2018, the world has changed immensely. We manage more and more data and the digital landscape becomes more and more complex. New cyber-threats, regulations and ISMS frameworks will be the order of the day.

Most compliance software is based on GDPR or ISMS frameworks like ISO and is structured around that specific set of rules. So, when new regulation enters, the provider will try to adapt their software to also hold that new regulation — even though it was built for something else.

This leaves you with clunky disconnected add-ons and, worst case, leaves you unable to do your job within a single system, thus having to manage your compliance program in various systems.

Why Wired Relations is built for data first, regulations second

To prevent the situation of clunky disconnected add-ons, Wired Relations is built to give you a compliance data structure where your data is mapped out. It’s independent from regulations until the moment you want to place it into it.

That means you can apply multiple regulations and frameworks and still only update information once. Systems, Vendors, Processing activities, Risk assessments and much more go across the regulations you need to uphold.

Think of new regulation as add-ons

When you get hit by a new regulation, like NIS2, you just add that to Wired Relations and map your current data — and then you’ve already done a lot. And when you have done that, you are guided through the gaps you will need to fill.

How the data-structure-first gives compliance super powers

Because of the way Wired Relations is built, you get some real super powers for speeding up your work.

— You can assign an ISMS control to multiple frameworks and when you mark it as “done”, it automatically marks it as done across all frameworks where that control applies.

— No duplicates or multiple data entries. Every DPA you upload, DPIA you do, TIA you make, control you check and Risk you assess is connected throughout the system. That means you can always find it, see where it belongs and work much faster.

— You can load all controls for frameworks like the ISO 27000 series, CIS18, NIS2 and more. A single click and hours of manual typing and countless errors are avoided.

— GDPR and ISMS work off the same data for faster and more smooth workflow. It also means that you can see your workload across both areas and ensure that you have the resources available.

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