Processing Activities

Simplify your privacy management – get a structured overview of your privacy compliance, delegate responsibility across the organisation and demonstrate compliance in one click.


Follow the step-by-step instructions that adapt to your responses and follow the latest guidelines.

Get a structured overview of your organisation’s processing of personal data.

Autogenerate your report to meet the documentation requirements at any given time with a single click.


Use our simple data mapping tool, or easily import your existing record.

Adjust your record to your organisation’s needs, including global regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, etc.

See the bigger picture and create a simple, strategic and efficient privacy management programme.


Stay on top of global privacy regulations with a tool that always keeps up with the latest guidelines.

Map your dataflow to the right level from the collection of data to the transfer to third parties.

That is, specify types of personal data per category of data subjects as per official requirements.


Collaborate across departments to map your data in an easy, user-friendly and efficient way.

Get automatic notifications and redistribute tasks in steps when an employee stops.

Map and connect your organisation’s data to localise and update them in one place.

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