Record of Processing Activities

Generate an up-to-date RoPA with a click.

Go from a bi-yearly RoPA panic to a streamlined workflow that is up to date and actually reflects your privacy program.

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The problem

A panic inducing bi-yearly scramble to build a RoPA that is used by... nobody.

Every once in a while you know that you need to update your RoPA. For many privacy professionals, this is a last-minute scramble to map all processing activities from all departments. And for what? A document that is rarely used by anyone!

No one seems to have the time nor the interest in helping you describe their processing activities.

So you are left with a stressful project that a few appreciate, but it doesn’t have to be like that.

Do this instead

6 ways Wired Relations reduces your workload with RoPA.

Generate your RoPA with a single click.

Instead of scattered documents, various spreadsheets and folders, connect all your systems, vendors, and processing activities. Make sure your RoPA is always updated and available, just one click away in a single document.

Make your RoPA a useful tool in your privacy work.

Have an up-to-date overview of all your processing activities making it easy to plan what needs to be taken care of first in order for your company to protect sensitive information and be compliant.

Share the responsibility of maintaining great privacy.

Get your operators into Wired Relations easily and keep your data updated and ready to go. It’s easy for them to report back and you can see where effort is required from the overview.

Involve management with perfect overview.

When everything is updated and connected, it’s easy to report on privacy vulnerabilities to management and get the resources you need to improve organizational risk.

Don’t start over when your privacy team changes.

Privacy professionals are in high demand. You may find that your coworkers move to other opportunities. When this happens someone will need to continue their work. When a user leaves just reassign their tasks to others, and ensure nothing is lost.

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Trusted by compliance teams all over Europe