Connect Data Protection and organisation

Organise your GDPR work and connect it to the organisation for a more sustainable and robust data protection setup.

Helen ships a questionnaire to a vendor to confirm existing data or learn what’s new.

Today’s disconnected workflow

This is how many privacy setups look like: Spread over multiple systems, disconnected and messy. It slows operations, is prone to error and is a source of frustration.

You want to brief management on the latest data breaches - and spend a day gathering the information.

Your ROPA is so hard to update, WordPerfect 5.1 is still on it as a key system.

When an HR process is described differently in two spreadsheets, you consider just flipping a coin to determine the right one.

You get an e-mail from a vendor and sigh because you have to update information in three different places (or was it four?)

“What type of data is in X system?” triggers a fight-freeze-flight response because you know how much work it requires to answer.

When the DPA updates a guide and you have to update your spreadsheets, you feel more like a Developer than a Privacy Pro.

Organise privacy work
like never before

The better organised your work is, the better you’ll perform. Fewer errors, less time on admin work and more time building real data protection.

Recurring tasks

Build a yearly task cycle with recurring tasks of controls, assessments, audits and more.

Task types

Label tasks, filter after type and customise labels for your own needs.


Connect tasks with vendors, systems, assessments and more, for easy access everywhere.

Task Overview

Get both KanBan and list overviews for your tasks to work in the right view.


Filter tasks by completion data, recurrence, completion, assignee, responsible, types and more.

Policy Adoption

See all your policies from one view and easily see what policies that needs better adoption.

Get a full overview of your workload with upcoming and overdue tasks

Manage your resources by looking at your yearly workload view and schedule recurring tasks for when there’s room.

Map your compliance landscape once and use it everywhere

Map all your vendors, systems and processing activities and connect them seamlessly. Get a perfect overview of compliance status, responsibility and much more.

Get next-level overviews on systems, vendors and processing activities data.

Color-coded status for easy progress status in a fast paced job.

Add tasks, documents, risks and notes directly on each entry.

Filter on status, geography, compliance status, responsible and more.

Connections between all entries for easy navigation and controls.

See audit types and dates for each entry to gain a quick overview.

Build your programme on a sustainable foundation

Your vendors, systems and processing activities are business assets. Mapping them out first and creating a clear overview let’s you do two things:

1. Connect it to any framework or regulation you need. The data is reused across GDPR, ISMS, ISO and many more. This let's you avert errors, duplicated data and will save you a lot of time.

2. Become future proof. When you map business assets instead of mapping regulatory data, you become better equipped to manage new regulations, by covering gaps, not starting from scratch.

Out-of-the-box automation to free up time.

Great data protection don’t come from typing. Spent your time assessing, building awareness, create organizational change and let Wired Relations do all the tedious stuff for you.

Out-of-the-box automation to free up time

Great data protection doesn't come from typing. Spend your time assessing, building awareness, creating organisational change and let Wired Relations do all the tedious stuff for you.

Vendor Audit: Questionnaire filled in and returned from vendor (automatic logged).
RoPA auto-generated for all 643 processing activities.
Upon task completion: Task History updated and saved.
Report on security incidents in 2023 generated.
4 new notifications from Slack in #compliance.
37 users synchronised from Azure Active Directory.
7 logins secured with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) today.
19 tasks moved from exiting co-worker to new owner by automation.
2 recurring audit tasks created and connected to vendor.
Your file “marketing-systems.excl” has been imported and mapped to systems and vendors.

Divide the work and involve your co-workers

Assign co-workers outside of "privacy" tasks to help with data protection. By sharing the effort you get more accurate data, use less time chasing down info and build a more robust privacy programme.

Let anyone contribute with easy to use GRC solution.

Assign tasks to people inside and outside of compliance.

Provide great overviews for your stakeholders.

Limit user access to necessary data for ease-of-use.

Use read-only access for accounting and reporting purposes.

Get your colleagues feedback on each task.

Get best-in-class customer service

All paid plans get personal onboarding with possible data migration from your current system into Wired Relations.

You also get first-class support from our Customer Relations team. We're here for you, ensuring you feel supported and guided throughout the journey.

Power features


Get step-by-step guidance on all assessments with examples so you never over- or under-implement.

Document storage

Keep DPAs, audit reports, policies and other documentation right at hand with build-in document storage

Workflow connections

Get seamless connections between assessments, systems, vendors, processing activities and tasks.

Task re-distribution

When a co-worker stops, you can redistribute all tasks to new owners before deleting the user.

Workload dashboard

See your task workload across months to plan your work better across people and departments.

Kanban & List views

See your tasks view in both KanBan or list that fits the type of work you are doing.

Recurring tasks

Make tasks recurring from weekly to 3-year intervals to ensure you never forget anything.

Task evaluation

Evalute completed tasks with smilies and follow-up notes to see what finished tasks, you need to return to.

Task history

See all history on recurring tasks to have a complete timeline of work for maximum compliance.

Automated RoPA

Generate your RoPA directly from the data your have in the system at any given time.

In-app legal best practice

Get legal best-practice as you move through assessments, controls and more, directly on each element.


Every business is unique. Therefore, we make it possible for you to customise the way you approach the RoPA and your risk assessments.

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