User management

With user management you can delegate compliance tasks and responsibility across the organisation, and easily collect information directly into the system.

Improve engagement

Use user management to anchor your compliance work in the organisation.

Provide controlled user access and delegate responsibility across departments and roles.

Get inputs directly into the system
, automate your processes and easily make adjustments.

Distribute tasks

Delegate new and recurring tasks, and get contributions from all relevant parties.

Schedule controls, audits, etc., and ensure that all tasks are completed in due time.

Activate the right departments, e.g. IT regarding systems and Procurement regarding DPAs.

Manage user roles

Easily involve and inform the right parties with an intuitive and transparent system.

Give restricted access to collect information and complete specific tasks.

Provide read-only access to give insights to e.g. management, accountants, etc. here

Increase security

Update information centrally to avoid mistakes and increase efficiency.

Get guided notifications when a user stops and redistribute tasks and responsibilities.

Ensure that all compliance tasks are always solved in due time and by the right person.

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